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Dec 2019

The Podcast Arcade Christmas Special: Countdown to Krampus - Episode 104

What happens when Krampus decides to break the rules and hatches a plan to take over Christmas?

Listen to the thrilling and exciting final entry in The Podcast Arcade Christmas Trilogy saga, "Countdown to Krampus" and find out NOW!!

Also, be sure to check out all the hilarious and entertaining podcasts of the Podcast Arcade, HERE!!!

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our podcast this year! Happy Holidays!

May 2019

Half Marathon Training - Episode 103

Slap on your headphones and listen to THIS!! Justin and Eddie are joined by their friend and fellow Thunder Dad, Levi Roeber, as they discuss some healthy eating habits AND what harrowing ordeals they've endured through their Half Marathon Training Schedule!

Download and listen NOW!!

Apr 2019

The Phantom Race - Episode 102

Justin and Eddie discuss their Half Marathon Plans, and Justin shares the details of running a race that doesn't even exist!! How is that even POSSIBLE?!?! Find out NOW!!

Jan 2019

New Year, New Falcon Punch!! - Episode 101

It's a new year, AND a new chance for us and YOU to set some great fitness goals! Add a little something good for you and take one thing away that's not so good!

Join us as we share with you, our plans for this year, and feel free to share your fitness and activity level goals for 2019 with us!

Nov 2018

WE DID IT!!! - Episode 100

Please enjoy as the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads share what they've been up, and discuss getting to one hundred episodes!!!!

Sep 2018

Catch up! - Episode 99

We've beem MIA for two months!! Tune in to our 99th episode and find out what the heck we've been up to!

Jun 2018

Episode 98 - Adventure Race Glenwood (ARG) Recap and ATA Fit

On this episode Justin shares his Adventure Race Glenwood 2018 stories AND Eddie shares his experiences (and his punches and kicks) from trying out the ATA Fit workouts at Omaha ATA Martial Arts!



May 2018

Episode 97 - Half Marathon Wrap Up and Cobra Kai

Justin and Eddie discuss their half marathon race and the new YouTube Red series, Cobra Kai!

Apr 2018

Episode 96 - Half Marathon Training 2018

Please ejoy as Justin, Eddie, and special guest Mike Bickford discuss their half marathon training!

Apr 2018

Episode 95 - Kettle Bell with Kurt Hammond

Justin and Eddie learn all about becoming a "Lord of the Bells" from the one and only Kurt Hammond!!!


Mar 2018

Episode 94 - Falcon Punch Thunder Dads: The Lost Tapes

As Eddie, Justin, and Mike (Hi Mike!) go through their Half-Marathon training, Eddie decided to go through all of the old files of Falcon Punch Thunder Dad episodes...and behold!!!! 

He found an old, unpublished episode that would otherwise never have been sent out into the world!!

Enjoy as the Thunder Dads discuss healthy habits, less bad for you adult beverages, and other tips that they are using to live a healthier lifestyle!!

Mar 2018

Episode 93 - Curling Counter Point

Please enjoy as we're joined by superfriend of the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads, Amy Cherko!!

She brings a whole new perspective to the show as she shares the tale of the U.S. Curling Team from this Winter Olympics!

Schooling us in our pre-supposed notions of curling, she drops the icy knowledge bombs as we learn the truth of curling!!


Mar 2018

Episode 92 - The good, the bad, and the lame

With the Winter Olympics behind us, Justin and Eddie discuss the one event that leaves them both a little baffled....

Feb 2018

Episode 91 - The 2018 Winter Olympics

Justin shares his Olympics knowledge and Eddie reveals his Olympics ignorance on our newest episode!!

Please enjoy as The Falcon Punch Thunder Dads discuss the 2018 Winter Olympics!


Feb 2018

Episode 90 - SHOES!!!

On this episode of Falcon Punch Thunder Dads, we discuss Shoes!

Whether running, cross training, or just looking fly, what do YOU look for in your sweet, sweet foot houses?



Feb 2018

Episode 89 - Fitness Trends of 2018

Justin and Eddie discuss some of the anticipated fitness trends of 2018! Which may or may not resemble the fitness trends of 1918!



Jan 2018

Episode 88 - The art of quitting and taking on new challenges

Accomplishing goals and taking on new challeneges is one of the things that we enjoy most here at Falcon Punch Thunder Dads.

There's a time for taking on these new activitites that really push and grow us as people, but there's also a time to take a look at how much you're enjoying these activities and how much growth you're actually getting from them.

Realizing when you've hit a point where you no longer enjoy an activityy or sport can sometimes be difficiult. We don't want to disappoint our peers and friends, and we certainly don't want to be labeled a "quitter" either!

But often times, in order to be able to tak on new things in your life, you've got to let go of other things. In that light, we'd like to discuss the art of knowing when to "quit"!


Jan 2018

Episode 87 - It’s COLD!!

Hello Falcon Punch Thunder Friends! It's COLD where the Falcon Pucnh Thunder Dads live and they're here to tell you all about it!

While not terribly sexy or exciting, dealing with the cold is one of those things that most of us (even YOU Florida) have to deal with.

So warm up with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and let the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads warm up your ears with a toasty new podcast episode!



Jan 2018

Episode 86 - Unplugged

Hey everyone!! It's 2018 and we couldn't be more excited to launch into a new year to bring you new episodes and share our fitness and activity adventures with you!

We kick off the new year with an observation the Thunder Dads made over the holidays about "unplugging" yourself from as much distraction as possible and quieting your brain, even if for just a short period of time!

Ironic, we know, for a podcast to be extolling the virtues of unplugging, but nevertheless, we feel it's a great thing to do and encourage you to do it! After you listen to our podcast of course!

Dec 2017

Episode 85 - The Podcast Arcade Christmas Carol

We want to thank ALL of you who have listened, subscribed, and shared us with your friends and family

Our goal at Falcon Punch Thunder Dads is to share our love of physical activity viewed through the lens of two dads who also enjoy science fiction and wicked sweet high fives.

We hope you've enjoyed out show this year and look forward to bringing you MORE fun episodes in 2018!

Please enjoy this Christmas Special that every single podcast of The Podcast Arcade network helped create! 

Also, please consider donating to our Podcast network, where 50% of the funds raised will go to Toys for Tots and the other 50% will be used by The Podcast Arcade to help keep those podcasts doing the thing that they do best...sending you the audio equivalent of a high five and putting a little awesome in your day.

It's a high five for your ears AND your heart! 

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